Anglais Sociologie

Anglais Sociologie

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This course aims at improving the students’ level of spoken English, make them comfortable when expressing themselves orally and get better speaking and writing skills in English.

It will be centered on a critical reading of founding sociological texts and of an analysis of video extracts. Each text and video has been chosen for its particular contribution in the history of contemporary sociology. The illustrative video extract will then be discussed and deconstructed through a sociological eye.

Each session will consist in learning how to give presentations, introduce speakers, debate on topical issues, be successful in interviews etc.,…where competence in English is required.

On the other hand, we will adopt learning techniques such as tutorials, intensive pair work, role-plays, translation, real time correcting/self-correcting and motivational testing.

Students are all expected to be “speaking” or “communicating” forty-five minutes out of every hour.

Volume horaire

  • TD : 2h
  • Nombre de semaines : 13


Suggested bibliography

-       L. G. Alexander., Fluency in English, An integrated course for advanced students, Longman.

-       Le Robert & Collins., Vocabulaire Anglais et Américain, Dictionnaires Le Robert Paris.

-       S. Berland-Delépine., La Grammaire Anglaise de l’Etudiant, Ophrys.

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