Littérature britannique du 18e siècle

Littérature britannique du 18e siècle

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Although the British eighteenth-century is primarilyassociated with the rise of the novel, it is best characterised by the heterogeneity of literary genres. Ranging from satire to drama, from travel writing to poetry, from essay to dictionary, from romance to novel, the diversity of literary life is central to an assessment of the eighteenth-century. This course will investigate the development of literary genres from the Restoration period to the end of the eighteenth-century, first through the study of selections of poetry of the « Augustan » canon as well as alternative poetic voices, providing an insight into the variety and richness of the poetic tradition. The course will look at the heterogeneous nature of the early British novel, which incorporates biography, travel writing, as well as accounts and legal documents on criminals and slavery. The study of two early British novels will be the occasion to reflect on the special role of women as both authors and characters in eighteenth-century literature. Oroonoko and Moll Flanders participate in the birth of a new form of independent narrative voice, that of the fictionalized feminine author.

The lectures will provide a general introduction to eighteenth century literature, while excerpts from other works will be given in class. A critical bibliography will also be given at the beginning of the semester.

Les cours sont donnés en anglais et les textes étudiés en T.D. sont en anglais. Ce cours d’option s’adresse aussi bien aux étudiants spécialistes qu’aux étudiants non spécialistes désireux d’approfondir leur pratique de la langue et leur connaissance de la littérature anglaise.

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Ouvrages au programme :

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Autres ouvrages utilisés :

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Ouvrages de référence :

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