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Civilisation britannique

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The Tudors : myths and realities of an English dynasty (1485-1603)

This course aims at sketching a portrait of one of the most famous royal families in the history of England, from ill-famed Henry VIII to celebrated Elizabeth I, from overlooked Henry VII to infamous Bloody Mary and little-known Edward VI.

The course will tackle the Tudor era through a series of themes. Rather than a biographical account of these characters, the course will focus on the way the Tudors have striven and often managed to overcome issues that might have left their kingdom devastated. Through these monarchs, the course will try and shed light on the practice of royal power in the Early modern period. Drawing on these elements as well as on the main tendencies of 20th and 21st century historiography, the course will also dwell on what remains of the Tudors today, and in particular on the recent film fascination for the dynasty. Documents studied in class will include texts taken from primary and secondary sources, book facsimiles, paintings as well as films, TV series and documentaries.

Ce cours d’option s’adresse aussi bien aux étudiants anglicistes qu’aux étudiants non-spécialistes désireux d’approfondir leur pratique de la langue et leur connaissance de la civilisation britannique.

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  • CM : 1h
  • TD : 1h
  • Modalité de controle: Controle continu


Bibliographie indicative (une bibliographie plus complète sera distribuée en début de semestre) :

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------. Henri VIII : le pouvoir par la force. Paris : Payot, 1998.

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