Anglais pour LM : langue et litté. (niveau B2 et +)

Anglais pour LM : langue et litté. (niveau B2 et +)

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“Shakespeare’s King Richard III"

This course is designed to help students improve their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while introducing them to the formal study of one of Shakespeare's dramatic works. This semester, we will focus on one of the most celebrated and fascinating plays ever written by Shakespeare, Richard III, paying attention to some emblematic stage performances or film adaptations, and approaching the text from a variety of angles including history, poetics, religion, politics and metatheatricality. 

Modes of assessment (Modalités d’évaluation) : continuous assessment only. Students exempted from attending classes must contact Mr Chadelat at the beginning of the term.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 1h
  • TD : 2h
  • Nombre de semaines : 13
  • Modalité de controle: Controle continu


- William Shakespeare, King Richard III, The Arden Shakespeare.

This edition is mandatory (=obligatoire). Richard III must be read before the semester starts.

- William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Richard III, Oxford World’s Classics.

- William Shakespeare, Richard III, Penguin Shakespeare.,

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