Civilisation américaine

Civilisation américaine

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The United States from 1960 (Brochure à retirer au secrétariat)

This course charts the evolution of the US since the 1960s, both as a society and as a world power. In the course of five decades, the US has changed radically in terms of its social makeup, with the civil rights revolution, the surge in immigration, the end of fordism and the advent of a dual society in the age of information, the triumph and unraveling of the New Deal heritage, and the accompanying realignments of culture and politics. This evolution cannot be understood without a comprehension of the interaction between the domestic situation and the international environment, marked by globalization since 1971. From “leader of the free world” in a context of cold war to “lone superpower” to uneasy manager of a multipolar world, the US has played the major role in international affairs at all levels, bearing the burdens and reaping the benefits of its unique position.

A handout of documents collecting over fifty significant texts and documents will be made available to the students at the beginning of the semester for use as reference material and basis for textual commentaries.

Travaux dirigés :

Sessions will be devoted to the practice of oral presentations (followed by class discussion) of documents excerpted from the handout. These sessions are meant to offer additional approaches to key issues of American society in the period under study: immigration, racial equality, women’s rights, education, religion, urban problems, etc.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 1h
  • TD : 2h
  • Nombre de semaines : 13
  • Modalité de controle: Controle mixte



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